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Cleaning solution for cuvet , 230 mL

Cleaning solution for cuvet , 230 mL

SKU: HI-93703-50
£36.80 Regular Price
£34.96Sale Price

HI-93703-50 is an alcohol based cleaning solution for cuvettes/vials used in photometers and turbidity meters.

  • Description

    The HI-93703-50 is a 230ml bottle of cuvette cleaning solution for photometers and turbidity meters.

    The glass cuvette is an important component of the optical system in all colorimetric and turbidimetric measurements. Light reaches the sample by first passing through the cuvette glass. Based on the sample, the light is absorbed, transmitted, or scattered. As a result, the measurement can be affected if the cuvette glass has imperfections, dirt, dust, scratches, or fingerprints present.

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