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Astell's Top Loading Autoclave

Toploading 135L Autoclave with Wire basket


Astell's 135L top-loading autoclave is factory-fitted with heaters in chamber and many features as standard, making it suitable for sterilizing liquids (media), discard, glassware and other instruments.

This configuration comes with a stainless steel wire basket (Half height - dia:400mm x H:220mm)

  • Features

    • 5.7" colour touchscreen with integrated USB data port
    • Delayed start and a media holdwarm feature for greater control over when you want to sterilize
    • Safety features include: over-temperature protection, an external pressure gauge, a cooling lock, a safety valve test program and an emergency stop button
    • Validation port, drain valve and an electropolished stainless steel chamber
    • Castor mounted for east movement
  • Specifications

    Volume 135L
    Power supply 3 Phase, 14kW
    Chamber diam. x depth (mm) 456 x 817
    Usable chamber depth (mm) 682
    Overall dimensions W x H X D (mm) 660 x 1150 x 1220
  • Bottle capacity

    Number of Duran bottles it is possible to fit into the chamber. The number in brackets indicates the number of stainless steel baskets required to achieve this.


    500ml 1000ml 2000ml
    45 (3) 20 (2)* 10 (2)*

    *As the Duran bottle height exceeds the basket height, in this configuration the second basket would rest on top of the bottles in the lower basket. 

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