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SKU: HI-1288
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Spare pH electrode for HI-991300 and HI-991301 (old style meters only), with cloth junction, 7-pole; 2 m (6.6') cable, for general purpose, water treatment, agriculture, boilers and cooling towers. Choose HI-12883 for new models.



 1metre cable

The HI-1288 is a 3-in-1 pre-amplified multiparameter probe that measures pH, EC/TDS, and temperature within a single polypropylene body. The pH portion of this probe is constructed with a cloth junction, maintenance free polymer gel electrolyte, and a low temperature glass sensing bulb. The EC/TDS portion of this probe utilises two graphite sensors for an amperometric determination of conductivity and total dissolved solids. A built-in temperature sensor ensures that both pH and EC/TDS readings are compensated for temperature variations in both standards and samples. The design consideration for the HI-1288 is ideal for measuring the pH, EC/TDS, and temperature in greenhouses, hydroponics, environmental monitoring, water treatment, wastewater treatment and boilers and cooling towers. The HI-1288 is designed for use with Hanna’s HI-991300 and HI-991301 portable multiparameter meters.

Hanna Instruments offers a wide variety of electrodes that are designed for many different applications. The sensing material, body material, and connection type used are just some of the design considerations.

The HI-1288 multi-parameter probe includes pH, EC.TDS and temperature measurement in one convenient, rugged probe.

This probe is ideal for applications such as water treatment, agriculture, boilers and cooling towers.

The HI-1288 is integrated with a solid-state pre-amplifier built into the handle to ensure against interference from transient electrical noise and fitted with a DIN connector and 1m cable.

Key features:

Pre-Amplified pH Electrode

The pH electrode circuit has a built-in amplifier that serves to reduce the effects of electrical noise on the high impedance pH measurement. Electrical noise can come from motors and pumps that are common in greenhouses. The single reference junction design of the pH electrode has a cloth junction that allows ion movement between the inner gel electrolyte and the sample being measured. The advantage of the cloth junction is that it can be extracted from the probe, exposing a fresh surface when readings become drifty or erratic. These features make this probe ideal for use in fertilizer solutions.


Amperometric EC/TDS Sensor

EC/TDS readings are performed by a two-pin amperometric sensor. An alternating voltage is applied to the sensor and the amount of current that passes between the two stainless steel pins determines the amount of dissolved ionic solids present.


Built-In Temperature Sensor

pH and EC/TDS readings must be temperature compensated in order to obtain accurate results. The built-in temperature sensor of the HI-1288 provides a speedy temperature reading which is then used to adjust the pH and EC/TDS results accordingly.


Polypropylene Body

The polypropylene body of the HI-1288 houses all three sensors within a sturdy, single body design. This body material is suitable for a wide range of applications and excels in measurements with portable meters due to its durability. The fins around the spherical glass pH bulb minimises breakage due to accidental bumping or dropping of the electrode. The polypropylene plastic is a high quality plastic that is chemically resistant to many aggressive chemicals.


DIN Connector

The HI-1288 uses a DIN connector. This type of connector is generally proprietary to the meters they are supplied with and may not be interchangeable. The HI-1288 is made for use with Hanna’s HI-991300 and HI-991301 portable multiparameter meters.

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