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Astell's Swing Door Frontloading Autoclave

Front loading 247L autoclave with accessories

£39,472.00 Regular Price
£35,524.80Sale Price

Astell's front loading 247 Litre 'Swiftlock' autoclave fitted with heaters in chamber and many more features as standard.

  • Special Configuration

    • Autofill - Automatic Chamber Water Filling
    • Load Sensed Process Timing
    • Fan Cooling (external)
    • Additional Shelf
    • Discard Container
  • Product Features

    • 5.7" colour touchscreen with integrated USB data port
    • Delayed start and a media holdwarm feature for greater control over when you want to sterilize
    • Safety features: over-temperature protection, an external pressure gauge, a cooling lock, a safety valve test program and an emergency stop button
    • Validation port, drain valve and an electropolished stainless steel chamber
    • Safe and easy loading, plus Astell's unique 'Swiftlock' door closure system
    • Timed/Pulsed Freesteaming

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