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Sales Administrator

50 Adeyemo Akapo Street, Ikeja, Nigeria


Full Time

About the Role

    • Respond to enquiries from customers and suppliers.

    • Ensure that a reasonable percentage of customer enquiries are converted into orders that will be profitable to the company.

    • Process all purchase orders that come from assigned customer accounts and send order confirmations
    with the expected date of delivery and ensure the items are delivered at the earliest possible opportunity.

    • Monitor and generate sales from existing customers and achieve agreed sales targets.

    • Ensure customer satisfaction by consistently updating them on any changes to thier delivery dates, and,
    in cases of item rejections, devise solutions that benefit both the company and the customer.

    • Establish and maintain relationships in line with ethical standards in focus with business customers.

    • Ensure prompt tracking and delivery of customer orders.

    • Manage relationships of all customers while reducing customer complaints.

    • Cold call customers and prospects to generate sales meetings.

    • Collate, review, and submit Sales Reports in a timely manner.

    • Advise customers to ensure the right goods or products are ordered.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in applied sciences (Required)

  • 3-5 years cognate working experience in a Sales / Business Development role

  • Good listening and communication skills

  • Ability to successfully set up meetings and perform cold calls

  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Strong communication and ability to present concepts in an understandable form

  • Proven effective judgement and reasoning

  • Extremely skilled in the art of negotiation

  • Good working knowledge of ERP software(s)

About Us

LS Scientific is a quality-focused and trusted distributor of specialist scientific, Laboratory Products and Services and is dedicated to empowering manufacturers and scientists in their pursuit of product excellence. Our company’s mission is to rid the world of substandard products and improve the quality of human life. LS Scientific’s portfolio encompasses chemicals, essential glassware and consumables, high-tech equipment, and indispensable PPE.

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