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Chemical works


At LS Scientific, we are a one stop solution provider for all your Laboratory Requirements from Consumables, Chemicals, Equipment, Instruments, Safety & PPE, Glassware and Plastic Ware.

We also represent major manufacturers which means we have very competitive prices across board.

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Laboratory Chemicals
Laboratory Equipment& Instrument

No matter the grade of Chemicals you require, we have a vast range from Analytical to HPLC Grade Chemicals, including Reference Standards.

Our Equipment portfolio cost across Easy to Use and also high Specification Equipment, that allows you to carry out your analysis seamlessly.

Phenomeenx Columns
Glassware & Chromatography 
Microbiology Products 

We provide affordable and high quality Glassware, & Chromtography Consumables

Our range of Microbiology Products are second to non from Agars, to Kits and Systems.

Safety & PPE

Our Safety range from Gloves, Bouffant Caps,  Fume Cabinets to Laminar Flow Cabinets

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