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HI-98164 Portable pH meter for Yogurt

HI-98164 Portable pH meter for Yogurt

SKU: HI-98164
£873.10 Regular Price
£829.45Sale Price

The HI-98164 is a rugged, waterproof, Foodcare portable pH meter that measures pH and temperature using the FC2133 yogurt pH electrode.

  • Key features:

    • Waterproof - The professional meter is IP67 rated.
    • CAL Check™ - Alerts users to problems.
    • Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
    • Calibration.
    • 200 hour battery life approximately with 1.5V AA batteries (x4) .
    • Clear display.
    • Auto hold.
    • Calibration timeout.
    • PC Connectivity via USB.
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