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HI-98121 Pocket pH and ORP (Redox) Tester

HI-98121 Pocket pH and ORP (Redox) Tester

SKU: HI-98121
£280.20 Regular Price
£266.19Sale Price

Designed for use out in the field and in murky conditions, the meters are sealed against humidity, float in water and have a bright green casing making them easily visible in low light levels.

  • Key features:

    • Dual level LCD screen that displays simultaneous readings
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • Automatic calibration
    • HOLD function freezes readings for ease of recording
    • Floating water resistant casing helps prevent accidental loss of meter during testing in difficult conditions
    • Battery % level at start up and stability indicator helps ensure tester is in optimum working order
    • Cartridge electrode - exclusive to Hanna
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