C-MAG HS 7 control The IKA C-Mag HS 7 control has a square top made of ceramic. It stirs volumes of up to 20l (H2o) and runs at speeds ranging from 50-1500rpm. IKA?s stands strongly by its product and technology and is offering a lifetime warranty for this product ? scientists can focus on their experiments using a reliable hotplate stirrer. IKA not only focuses on hardened glass because of visibility, chemical resistance and safety, it also optically changes the game of a magnetic stirrer with a glass surface. The C-Mag HS 7 control improves over time with regular firmware updates ? control of kinetics and sensitive reactions are supported by the integrated timer and counter function ? the IKA SmartTemp? function protects user intelligently. PT1000 temperature sensor included.

C-MAG HS 7 control

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