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Autoclavable culture tube, PC, 15X103mm

Autoclavable culture tube, PC, 15X103mm

£189.22 Regular Price
£179.76Sale Price

Autoclavable culture tube, PC, 15X103mm, Case of 286


  • Wheaton Lexan Polycarbonate culture tubes are optically clear, durable, and a safer alternative to glass
  • They are ideal for production of terminally sterilized products
  • The tubes are flat bottomed and ideal for large scale production culture media, using automated or manual filling systems
  • Polycarbonate tubes offer a wide range of chemical resistance as well as excellent strength for repeated use
  • They also maintain excellent pH control
  • Leak-proof polypropylene caps provide security during handling and transportation
  • They are provided non- sterile in shrink-wrapped trays, with caps packed separately
  • Both tubes and caps are autoclavable
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