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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Pyrex glass brand, considered today as the quality standard for laboratory glassware around the world. SciLabware is delighted to be celebrating the 100th anniversary of this illustrious brand. 

There are very few products made so well that the brand becomes a generic name for everything similar. Pyrex is one of the few.


Since its introduction in 1915, Pyrex glass has advanced the research and development of science, medicine and space exploration; playing a pivotal role in many historic achievements through its reliability, strength, performance, safety and chemical resistance. In the 1950s, the Pyrex Fernbach flasks were used to grow the original cultures for the polio vaccine, and the first radio message from the South Pole was transmitted over radio antennas using Pyrex insulators. 

After first receiving its registered trademark in 1915 the Pyrex name has become a world famous brand in science, thanks to its well documented thermal and chemical resistance properties that continue to be trusted throughout the scientific community around the globe. Not bad considering its origins. 


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