Zinc is normally introduced into drinking water through industrial effluents. In addition to drinking water, zinc is measured in surface finishing, boilers and cooling towers, water conditioning and effluent waters.

Colourmetric method.

Range (0.0-3.0 mg/L) Low range.

Range (0.0-4.0 mg/L) (0.0-20.0 mg/L) Wide range.

HI-3854 Zinc test kit

SKU: HI-3854
  • The HI-3854 test kit is supplied with the following;

    • 100 packets zinc reagent A
    • 60 mL zinc reagent B (2)
    • Colour comparison cube
    • 10 mL glass cuvette with HDPE stopper
    • 1 mL syringe
    • 20 mL calibrated vessel
    • Plastic spoon

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