Colorimetric testing is a method of determining the concentration of a chemical element or compound (organic or inorganic) in a solution with the aid of a colour reagent.

Using Hanna special reagents, our test kits measure the strength or weakness of a chemical presence according to the degree of colour saturation. Ie – if it is pale in colour, then the chemical concentration is low. If the colour is strong, then the chemical concentration is high. Simply add the reagent to the compound to be tested and match the colour gained against a colour chart included in the kit.

HI-3826 Ammonia test kit for sea water

SKU: HI-3826
  • Concentrations of ammonia in rivers, estuaries, and bays may indicate the presence of pollution. When the concentration of ammonia reaches a high level, it can prove toxic to aquatic life. In industrial areas, high concentrations of ammonia can cause corrosion to pipes.

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