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96-sample throughput, using two 48-sample combs, allows samples to be transferred quickly and easily from standard microtitre plates or thermal cycler blocksLarge format, 20,5×20 cm, glass plates enable gradient gels to be poured containing wider ranges of denaturant concentration, maximising sensitivity and resolution100 ml gradient mixer is included for use with the gel running module and casting base to make two  1 mm parallel denaturing gradient gels400 W heater, manually controlled by a temperature control unit connected to a PT100 heat sensor, enables the gel temperature to be set in 1 °C increments to a predetermined melting temperature (Tm) of the PCR amplified DNA polymorphism or mutation of interest (to a maximum of 70 °C)

Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis system, kuroGEL 2020Y-DGGE

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