About CEM Microwave Technology

CEM is a science based technology company that thrives on innovation and touches many different industries and scientific disciplines.  Founded in 1978 by our current CEO, Dr. Mike Collins, CEM has helped pioneer the field of microwave chemistry and we have long been recognized for our expertise on the subject through publications and awards.  For nearly 40 years, we have been designing and developing laboratory instruments and scientific methods (both microwave-based and non-microwave technologies) that are used by major companies, prestigious research institutes, and universities around the world. 


Located in Buckingham, CEM UK is the leading provider of microwave laboratory solutions in England. With a reputation for innovation and trust, CEM UK has a passion for scientific research with instrumentation and expertise in the areas of analytical chemistry, bioscience, chemical synthesis, food testing and process control. With PhD trained chemists offering application support and fully factory trained service engineers, we are uniquely positioned in the diverse markets to offer the full support you require to make a difference for your laboratories.